Makoto Neptunus

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Basic Details

Species: Dijirin (Air Clan)
Sex: Maleherm
Orientation: Pansexual
Place of birth: The Dijirin Homeworld


Height: 7 feet, 3 imches
Eye color: Blue
Eye style: Human
Hair color: Ivory White
Hair style: Straight with wavy tips
Hair length: Floor



Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Makoto Neptunus is a frail, very weak hearted soul that had his memory wiped after the very first time he died- he was killed by a thug whom was responisble for the razing of his home town, and since then has been looking for a new master with a true heart of gold. He is a shy, but very sensitive whelp, giving most people a "think twice before harming" moment for his personality.

Makoto was born on Oaciariousvortpika as the heir to the Dijirin throne with the name Eakyuka. His family's palace was besieged, and they was forced to flee. In the battle to save Eakyuka, they were injured beyond healing, forcing to send their son into space, within a cryo-pod. They died toghter, knowing the magical powers would awaken as soon as he was an adult. On the planet Iikarious, the cryo-pod crash landed, and the two Neptunuses of the time- Eirin and Cairo, adopted Eakyuka, and renamed him Makoto Neptunus. He was then part of the family comprised of a dragonic Amazon and a gryphonian knight which were slain protecting him from the slave traders. When Makoto woke up, he was on the market place with a tag- "27,000 gold pieces" on his neck. He was going to be sold- away from his family. The last image of his parents which is still fresh in his mind due to the scar it left on him was when they were made into meals. Makoto never spoke again after the terrible incindent until a man and woman gave him shelter. He was raised as a pet- not a slave, like the traders had hoped. After several long and tiring years, Makoto finally spoke. A few days later, Makoto earned his prized possesion- a teddy bear. Shortly after the events of the sale, a murder occured- his own. Ressurected from the grave by Great-Mother Aturushan and her 2 guardians, Uragirimono Shimura and Haruko Shimura, he lives again with no memories of the past- except for the fact his previous master bought him a teddy bear- which he still owns to this day. He now remembers all of his past, thanks to his maturity.

Additional description

Makoto has these features and cool facts-

Makoto is a feathered drake teen- even if he's young in dragon years, he's more than old enough to have sex.

Because of Makoto's great love for the arts, he is usually seen in musuems, art stores like Hobby Lobby, and if out and about, carrying his suitcase filled with art supplies.

Makoto's crescent moon pattern on his forehead reveals he's a messeger for Great-Mother Aturushan.

Makoto's feathers are white, giving him a simple cloak for snowy weather.

Makoto is prone to headaches- his memories are usually the cause.

Makoto may be weak, but his inner strength was noticable after he was mated.

Unknown to Makoto, he might be the first feathered drake with vectors (psionic emination of arms.)

Makoto is a 100% submissive- he will never dom unless asked.

Makoto doesn't wear clothes- most of the time if the situation doesn't call for it. He will wear a locket necklace which contians a picture of his family- he was the only child, until he met his brother, who happens to be 99% blind. He also wears a tight suit with flames as a accent- this was a gift from Kimmi, the sister to a fellow male herm named Fang.

Makoto's name is a mix of Japanese and ancient Roman, meaning the following- Sincerity of Neptune.

He has an estimated 3 foot, 0 inches long cock- the girth is unknown.

Unknown to Makoto as of now, he is the vessel that carries the sword "Reqiuem", a crystaline longsword that was passed down through the family of Neptunus. It is a blade that slides out of his chest- but it doesn't harm him. The catalyst for it to come out is a kiss from those who are going to fight for him.

(Blaze and by request) Makoto has a latex condom with a pink ring at it's base on his shaft. He also has his gag reflex taken out because of a latex pill.

Makoto's theme song is Reqiuem, from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni.

Makoto's current stuffed animal is a tan bear. It's was a gift from his previous masters as a "Welcome to the Family" gift.

All of his Dijirin forms have the theme Ressurected Replayer from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Chiru.

He has been granted a god of fertility standing for Pokemon, thanks to Arceus.

Because of excessive worship to his god Totus, he has 22 ovaries and fallopian tubes.


Makoto enjoys these nonsexual things. Teddy bears- These plushies remind him of his youth. He has one with him as of now. Various art supplies- One thing that he will always bring is his bag of art suppiles. He will occansionally draw.

Kind masters- He enjoys the master/pet deal very much as long as he is treated fairly.

Herms, the male variation- He recently found out he's a hermaphrodite...with a SMILE on his face. He has changed his sexuality, too.

Makoto is turned on by rimming, blowjobs, and vaginal sex. He has a mild prefrence for drakes and dragons.


Makoto is afraid of the following things.

Blood- He is hematophobic, meaning he is afraid of blood. He is very weak, so he can be injured easily.

Mean masters- He is very afraid of mean masters- he was killed by one.

Dragonmeat eaters- The very sight of those who eat this rare luxury meat gives Makoto a terrible remake of his parents deaths. If you are a carnivore, please- do NOT eat dragonmeat in front of Makoto.

Paranormal spirits- Still whelp-ish in nature, he is easily freaked out with spirits from paranormal places. I have this slight fear that one is after him now.

Makoto is turned off by vore, scat, rape, watersports and death. He has a dislike for things that eat dragons or drakes.


Mo- Master 1

Korax: Husband


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive

Latest work of Mak: Made by Dusketh

YD's take on rule 34 featuring Mak

Request done by SmexyOryx :3

Makoto's initial reference pic. :3

Human Mak

Pony Makoto

Lovely art done by Lynn~

Pokemon God form for Makoto

Makoto under the guise of a Gardevoir (with features that best fit him)

Werewolf Makoto (Eyes are Sapphire Blue and he looks more like a herm in this form)

Lineart from Voshi featuring Mak. It's the best free art I've ever recieved~! (Can't beat Red's free art, of course. X3)

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