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Basic Details

Species: Chenjesu
Sex: Male
Orientation: Omnisexual
Place of birth: UNKNOWN


Eye color: Purple
Eye style: Gemstone
Hair color: None
Hair style: None
Hair length: None



Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Orphaned at a young age, the Chenjesu was born during the war against the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls. As a teenager, he escaped his home planet and went to Commander Hayes for advice- only to soon be cut off by the rest of his brethren when the slave-shield was put up. As the only Chenjesu born from Tzzz-Tzer-Tzak's long legacy still alive, he keeps doing what his great x12 grandfather did long ago- the research and historian for all star-fairing races. By some sort of freakish accident, however, he was sent into the long past, before the war ever began- and feels out of place. Perhaps, he will find a way back into the long long future; but for now, he is stuck.

Additional description

Kyrziz may or may not have genitalia. ^^;

Weapon of Choice:Crystaline Shards




Dominant/Submissive: Dominant

Kyrziz in his cockpit.

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