Nijiraios Mikaru-Nijillis Sapphy

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Basic Details

Species: Magidragon
Sex: Maleherm
Orientation: Omnisexual
Birthday: 1994-09-04
Place of birth: Tau Ceti 5


Eye color: Brown/Green
Eye style: Human
Hair color: Brown (Previously) Rainbow (Under his Matured stage)
Hair style: Short, human like/Straight with slight waves
Hair length: Nape/70 feet


Makeup: Wears lipstick/lipgloss, eyeshadow and nailpolish. Color differs on occasion.
Clothing: Differs on occasion, but is normally a crop top sleeveless turtleneck with a sewn on necklace, a sleeping chemise (short dress) a sleeping robe that goes with the chemise, a belt with a large satchel and saddle bag sewn onto it, fingerless gloves & pumps


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Magidragon's Beginnings
Ceinios was raised up in the heavens as Hera's personal guardian, as well as her close friend. He used most of his magic to help create the new gods and goddesses of the minor rank, because he was one to fulfill the duties of creation. He soon would ask Hera for a mortal body as soon as he fulfilled his duties. Hera, knowing that a mortal body meant inevitable return to the heavens, would grant his wish, sealing his soul into the egg of a young human woman who had married a rich, and overly loved scientist. But shortly after the boy was born, the couple had been thrown off a cliff due to a drunk driver accidentally swerving into their lane.The young male was quickly taken in by one of his father's associates, a human with white hair and ocean blue eyes who went by the nickname "Clef". Clef would raise the young boy as 'Sapphy', short for Sapphire Sky, and showed him several cool things in life. Clef, secretly, was a magidragon who went by the name Cephirion- sent by Hera to check on the boy, to see if he had awakened. Sapphy was still unknown to his power, until a night before the greatest fireworks show in history in his teens...
"You're a Magidragon, Sapphy!"
A night before the 4th of July when Sapphy was a teen, he had the weirdest dream- he was in a glade of green roses, and a dragon anthro was in the glade with him... one whom he never saw before."Who are you?" Sapphy, the young human asked. He was curious who this figure was, so he ran towards him. "Hey! Wait! I want to talk with you!" Upon catching up with the figure, it was a tall, anthro dragon with locks that were colored like coffee and smelled like lavender, and eyes that were as deep as a black hole yet as luminescent and colored as an emerald coated in light. "Me? I'm the spirit inside you." The human simply backed up. "No, really, who are you?" The human disbelieved that this...dragon was the spirit inside him. The dragon sighed happily. "You don't believe your own spirit...?  How about I show you something?" He'd smile, and used his magic to coat the room in mirrors. "Now look at yourself- what do you see?" The human did, and was surprised at what he saw. Instead of a normal human teenager he saw the dragon as a teenager in his place, with long, flowing coffee like locks, and eyes as green as a emerald bulb. "Wh-what am I?" The human was baffled. The dragon smiled, lightly. "You're a Magidragon, Sapphy! The Magidragon of Creation, in fact." The human simply touched the adult dragon's cheek. "So...I am you...?" The dragon nodded. "Yes. I am the dragon that blessed you with creation magic." The human nodded, his eyes slowly building up tears. "I...I...I accept your existence." He'd let his tears fall down, and the dragon flaked away in green roses, and the dream faded away in a motion blur fade to white.The following day, Sapphy woke up with so many questions. He had accepted the dragon's existence, but what was his purpose? For what reason was he blessed with this gift? And better yet, why did Clef look out of place, and yet so young despite his silvery locks? It was then that he realized his answers- his purpose was to create a universe, and he was still a child who was predicted to have a tragedy. Clef, he said to himself, is probably a Magidragon too! I want to talk to him about it. The moment Clef came into his room, Sapphy said as he got dressed- "Hey Clef? Do you believe in hidden gifts...?" Clef, who knew the answer, simply nodded. "Of course I do!" Clef would soon be taken by surprise with Sapphy's next question. "Are you a Magidragon, Clef?" It was then Clef realized his power finally woke up. "Y-yes... I am." Sapphy smiled. "I see... I'm not the only one. That's good... I would of gotten lonely if I didn't know other Magidragons existed." Sapphy simply looked at Clef, his eyes still leaking tears. "I'm sorry for being a burden on you, Cephirion. I didn't want to have to wait this long, but I guess now's better than ever." Clef would hug the young child, and smiled. "Welcome home, Ceinios." Sapphy, under Ceinios's control, would hug him back, and just said as plain as day...

"I'm home."

Additional description

He is the Magidragon of Creation. As such, he is the most powerful.

As the Magidragon of Creation he can:
Create existing objects from thin air
Create new materials via alchemy
Create new lifeforms via magic or alchemy
Create new objects via magic

But, as a draw back, he can't:
Create galaxies
Create planets
Create moons

These skills are possible, but he doesn't use them often:
Timespace travel
Timespace gap creation
Gender shifting
Body modification

Personality wise, he's like a multi-faceted jewel. Each facet reflects a different persona that the magidragon can use- from cheerful to lovesick, from disdain to grief, and from lust to chastity. He's quite an interesting person.

Sapph has recovered his memories due to a bit of memory loss and can freely admit he remembers his REAL birthname: Nijiraios




Mo- Master
Cephirion (Clef)- Guardian
Moon- Mistress
Enfynios- Magidragon side father
Izeta- Magidragon side mother
Ginamer, Aaru and Chand- Magidragon side brothers, younger and older(x2) respectively
Delisha and Sumisha- Magidragon side twin little sisters
Bayonetta (Cereza)- Friend, fashion consultant
Kayla Arix/Mikaru-Nijillis: Daughter


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant

Ceinios by RedVernal

The art that gave birth to Ceinios in the shape we all love :3

Best Mates Forever

(A gift art!) Sapphy in his v2 mage robes. A little fancier, but also a little less flamboyant. Oh well, there are more flamboyant outfits out there :3

A belt for Sapphy. [Source Unknown]

Sapphy's makeup.

The weapon stockpile of Sapphy. Found in the Weapon Room of the estate.

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