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Basic Details

Species: Dragoness
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual


Height: 5.8-9FT
Weight: Comfortable x3



WIP ((Note that this is merely a rough outline and needs polish, as well as bits to make different details more clear. This is not the complete story/background, yet.)) Raised by an asian mother and a father who soon had moved out due to stress and a possible divorce caused by misunderstandings between him and Qiru's mother, Qiru had quite an easy childhood. She went to school, graduated with near to perfect levels, always making her mother proud. She didn't have to try - it came by nature. She was good at remembering things, had a pertty clear understanding and good logical thinking, easing her through her school career. Always being a quite socializing person, Qiru had no problems finding friends wherever she was. She was loved throughout her school days, earning her first glimpse at love and the struggles coming with. It was in college when she started attending parties. She loved the hype, the happiness, causing her to go more and more often, dragging her down quite a bit. She fell for what her friends wanted her to do, and what her friends did, experimenting with drinks, drugs and sex. She got lost there. It was about a year after she had really lost track that she fell into great depression. Alone for months, she was hiking through mountains and visiting different cities, trying to recover, trying to get away from what she believes to be the worst part of her past. She didn't want anymore abuse. She had been gone for years. In the mean time, her mother developed a disease, which in the end lead to cancer and her death. Qiru was not informed of this, so discovered it when she had returned from her great journey, which had helped her get to her senses again. Years of quietness followed. She cut herself off from civilisation, soon realizing that this was probably not what her mother wanted. She moved far away across the country and has since taken a stay at the Dragon's inn. Soon helped back to her senses and what she believes to be a good life, she has re-established her social skills and her fun in it all.

Additional description

She has pretty, dark hair that falls over her shoulder to her torso. Her eyes are of a light, warm and inspiring glow. She is always in a happy mood - with a super infectious and inviting smile.


There is hardly anything she won't like



Pet: Kotaro Seta


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive
Additional adult description: She is very open - and it probably won't take long until you have her in the right mood. :3 Also, at random, she can become very dominant
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