Kevin W. Kevin

Category: English | Position: Casual | Owned by: Jero

Basic Details

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight
Place of birth: Germany


Height: About 6F1-2I
Weight: I honestly don't know
Eye color: Green
Eye style: Human
Hair style: Nothing particular interesting
Hair length: Mostly as short as I can get it x3


Makeup: None.
Clothing: Nothing out of the ordinary, either.


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Hi. I'm Kevin - though, most people call me different things, like Weisi ... Even Excel or "Ghorth(alon)", or simply "Dragon". And this is my not very interesting (yet) story. I was born almost 18 years ago in Kassel, Germany. Everything was fine - I can't remember anyone telling me if I was quiet or not, but I don't think it matters much. After a few weeks, my parents noticed something wrong with me - I generally wouldn't look at them, or at anything they were trying to show me. A trip to the docs confirmed that I was born with Leber's congenital amaurosis (LCA) - causing my vision to be extremely (And I do mean extremely) limited, and leaving me with Nystagmus, which causes my eyes to randomly flicker about on their own. Obviously I didn't know that, and I still sometimes forget the term. I grew up with a love for music and tech (computers, phones, anything the like). At the age of 3 I was already active playing drums and keys, and my parents randomly discovered it, thinking it to be something to invest in. I have not regretted it. Ever. The rest of my childhood passed rather fluently. I had no major issues (Except how people reacted to my condition at times), and the general "being annoying" thing that children usually do - unlike my brother who never ever said anything. LOL I grew up with a love for computers, getting my very first personal private one at the age of around 7. I've never been able to put them down ever since, and have started to become geekier and geekier. A few years later and I started to code and script little things. I'm very into games. Despite my limited vision, I've still tried to an extent get all the modern consoles and games - this has since subsided, at least the console part, I've become a PC gamer (although I really wouldn't mind a console, I just can't aford one). Since most of the games are virtually unplayable for me, I've started to join communities that were like me, and they had something called "audio games", where the focus is primarily on sound, rather than visuals. I joined the club, jumped onto the bandwagon, and started writing my own. And never stopped. And won't ever stop. I've also never given up on music. As I got more and more into tech, I've started doing more and more things, composing, producing, mixing, mastering, I've done it all, and still do to this date. I've done almost anything, from pop/rock, orchestral filmscore type things, but have slowly taken a turn towards EDM (Electronic Dance Music), things like Dubstep, Electrohouse, all those goodies with lots of low-end and boom. Other than that, I would consider myself to be pretty normal. School, parties, I've done it all - I won't let my sight disability stop me from living my life~


Tech, music, a good drink (or a few more than one x3 ), hanging out with friends, all that stuff





Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: Do you really want to know? ;3 XD

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