Tulius Kaeus Sannus Albinian Squire Tulius

Category: English | Position: Casual | Owned by: Sapphy

Basic Details

Species: Demirci
Sex: Maleherm
Orientation: Gay
Place of birth: Asula / Durandal Star System




Tulius Kaeus Sannus Albinian is Duke Selius' Squire- his servant and close companion through all diplomacy related matters. Most of Tulius' work is that of making sure that funding between the Six Grand Orders is stable, and is immediately responsible for the Duke's wellbeing and safety. Despite such heavy work, Tulius is known as a mellow, but quickly made happy fellow who enjoys his work and finds the Duke someone he can trust.



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Source: https://www.deviantart.com/manwariel/art/Versatile-Fantasy-Cape-in-Royal-Blue-429701283

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